Pearl Road United Methodist Church centers around family and community. We have been an active and supportive congregation in Cleveland for generations.


We strive to support the local community through food drives, prayer groups, and establishing a true bond with those around us.


Through prayer and fellowship, we prepare ourselves to meet the challenge of being Christ’s loving and serving people.


We are located at 4200 Pearl Rd, Cleveland, OH 44109. See our Facebook page for re-opening and social distancing policies.

We also offer online Daily Devotionals and Sunday Worships through our Facebook Page. Please join us in prayer with Pastor Harlen Rife.


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Our History

Old Brooklyn is a dynamic neighborhood. In its long history, the community has seen rising and falling economic fortunes, shifting demographics, and a changing environmental landscape. Through it all, Pearl Road United Methodist Church has provided a spiritual anchor and brought people together in love and fellowship. Our fore-bearers founded the church more than two-hundred years ago and we have been in our present location since the 1840s. Through God’s grace, we have weathered many challenges like a catastrophic fire and the Great Depression while finding new and unique ways to reflect God’s love in our community.

In the past, we have hosted the Old Brooklyn YMCA, a Head Start program, and many other community organizations. Today’s members are honoring that legacy by reaching out to our long-term residents and helping newcomers put down roots. Our pews routinely contain descendants of our 1814 founding members and families that have been in Old Brooklyn for less than a year. The parish offers a long memory of what God has acomplished in the neighborhood thus far, and we believe that together, we can take the next steps to grow our community through faith, service, and family.

Our Mission

We seek to transform our community by sharing the Gospel through Christ’s Love. Together we can all hear God's message and act through His love.


Contact Us

Visit us at 4200 Pearl Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44109, or
email us at to learn
how you can become a part of our congregation.